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An important aspect of moving forward in your treatment is to practice self-care in between appointments.  There are various ways this can be done.



You can experiment with balls of different sizes.  Clients of mine receive a 4" soft, inflatable ball to continue with their care at home.  Smaller sizes can be used for smaller places, such as feet and hands.  Find a place on your body that is tender, hard or hot.  Place the ball in such a way that you can apply gentle, passive pressure with the ball to that area.  So lying on your bed or the floor with the ball between your body and the floor/bed might be an option.  You can also be creative an use the wall or a chair.  Allow yourself to sink into the ball for a minimum of 2 minutes.  Being quiet is important to hear what your body's response is...  When you feel a release, move the ball on to another part of your body. 


There are lots of youtube videos to help you with this.  Here's one.  Using a soft 4" ball is preferable to the hard balls he suggests.  Experiment! 


Self Unwinding

You can also self-unwind.  Here's a youtube link from John F. Barnes that explains how you can do this. 


Self-Rebounding or Jiggling

Here are a couple of videos that describe this very easy and enjoyable process.  You can do it to some upbeat music, as well, and let yourself go! 


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