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"I have suffered from pain and loss of range of motion in my left arm and shoulder for years.  There have been many treatments that have given me relief from the pain, but I hadn't found one that allowed me to use more of my arm/shoulder until I had a session with Olivia.  After one session, I noticed the pain was gone and I had more ease when using my arm.  After the second session, I was able to raise my arm in front of me, over my head - this had not happened in years!  With the relief I've been given in my shoulder and arm, I can now lift my 9 month old grandson with ease. I can reach over my head to grab something without having to do strange maneuvers to get around the hitch that I always had.  And, I can now start doing yoga and do some of the poses that caused me much pain in the past.  Olivia is very knowledgeable about the body, intuitive in working with you and has a really healing touch.  I highly recommend her and she will always be at the top of my healers list."

K.B.,  Elk Grove

"For the past couple of years I have woken up stiff and gone to bed aching from the events of the day. I have been suffering with plantar faciitis for years, as well as carpal tunnel syndrome, hip pain and shoulder pain from supraspinatus tendonitis all on my right side. I have sought relief in many different forms such as chiropractic, traditional western medicine, physical therapy and yoga. Olivia's MFR treatment was amazing. All of the problems I mentioned above were alleviated. The range of motion all of my limbs, including my neck are increased.  My movement is much more fluid and feels natural, and my ability to bend over easily has dramatically improved. The best way to describe how the MFR treatment feels in that I no longer feel like I am working my body to move. It now feels natural and free, like it did when I was a youngster. I don't ache when I go to sleep, or wake up stiff anymore. My feet and back don't crack like they used to. It is really amazing that something Olivia makes look so simple can make such a huge difference. She really is in tune with how to help heal the human body."

S.R., Roseville, CA.


"As someone who has lived with chronic pain for 17 years and a 'bad back' for most of my life, I am a firm believer in massage therapy. Suffice it to say, I've had my share of good and bad massages. Olivia Huff is without a question the best massage therapist I've had the pleasure of working 'under.' Her gift of her keen sense for locating the pain centers and how much pressure to use is phenomenal. Beyond that, how she treats muscle/skeletal pain is less 'technique' than it is a 'knowing.' After having anterior/posterior fusion in 3 discs, I was afraid of having a massage. Olivia knows where to be careful and where to be aggressive, without my having to tell her. All I have to do is lay there and enjoy the ride. Olivia and her empathic talent for treating pain is a gift that everyone with pain should know about.  More than most pharmaceutical pain relievers, a good massage allows me to get 'above' my pain. Unfortunately, few massage therapists have the  talent of Olivia Huff."

N.M., Citrus Heights, CA.


"Olivia has that rare combination of gentle touch and healing instinct that makes bodywork a truly effective experience. I prefer combination sessions that begin with myofascial release and conclude with massage. I always leave with a sense of profound relaxation, and her myofascial release work is breaking up old patterns of pain and tightness that have bothered me for years." 

S.F., Woodland, CA


 "Thank you again for the glorious massage and release!  I know I am still benefiting from your treatment.  I am eager for our next session!! "

 D.M., Ukiah, CA


"Olivia truly has a gift....  I leave rested, happy, serene and content." 

J.W., Orangevale, CA

Agile Aging® Classes

"I’m a retired RN.  I was getting to where I was having a lot of trouble with my balance and I felt real insecure because of a few falls that I had taken.  But since  I’ve taken this class I feel more secure. I am able to walk off the little ledges on the  sidewalk which I wasn’t able to do before, and I am able to get up and down from a chair much easier.  I feel more confident and its been a fun class.  It helps your brain to be more agile and your  body to be more agile and so it’s appropriately named Agile Aging".

M.L., Citrus Heights 

"I am 67 years old and in fairly good health with no specific aches or pains except a bit of discomfort in my right shoulder. When I heard Olivia was doing this class I was excited as I knew I was not getting the full body movement from day to day I needed to stay healthy as I get older.  Since I had no expectations I knew it could just enjoy it. It turned out this class has everything to help me stay healthy and age gracefully.  Rather than being an exercise class Olivia used a lot of colorful props and different visualizations to get us to move our arms and legs and body both separately and together just to have fun. The group 'exercises' using dance and props and even dance took me back to my childhood and the fun I had "playing with the other kids".  Other components of the class such as balance and how to stand up and sit down in a chair to name two, were unexpected and appreciated extras I can use everyday.  The whole experience was very relaxing and by the end of the session, which went very fast, I was ready to go for another week more comfortable in my body and ready to take on whatever was in store for me.  I recommend this class for anyone who wants to stay agile and healthy as they age."

S.E., Roseville


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